Saïna – “Wrong Love” Lyric Video Out Now!

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A BIG thank you to my talented sister Shiona Penrake for the motion graphics!🌟 (View her work here!)

A little background on the video itself, if you care to read…

My boyfriend & I were driving to Dorset for a little weekend getaway (yes I know, Covid, woopsie🤫) & I knew I wanted to film this lyric video while driving down the motorway, giving a kind of dreamy feel & it started pouring so heavy, even my boyfriend’s windscreen wipers weren’t helping assist us for a safe drive. You know those dramatic rain showers or thunder & lightening, aren’t they kind of fun though?

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Anyway, I unbuckled my seatbelt, not really giving two shits that we were going about 80mph & I crawled to the boot to grab my camera from out of my backpack. A couple minutes into filming, the view through the windscreen was just magical, (I’m sure you can see it from the video!) This glowing sun burst through the clouds, bouncing off the wet roads & cars. The rain kept coming & every now & then, the sun would shine through the clouds with the most amazing orange glow.

In the original audio I was saying out loud “WOWWW” the whole time I was filming.

I was already feeling super excited about my release, but something about those 5 minutes gave me a different feeling. I’m not exactly a spiritual person but it was like the universe was telling me something.

So, I guess we’re yet to see. ・゚✧

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“Wrong Love” Debut Single