2021, Gigs & My Next Single!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but hey again!

It’s been a crazy but productive year since I released Wrong Love back in March 2021. I thought I’d do a summary post on my timeline & achievements – because why not.

July 2021 was the month I got back on stage after a long time of the wonderful lockdowns & isolations. It was also the first time I’d gigged just with backing track. Performing at the Tea Building in Shoreditch twice, Lost In Brixton 3 times, Box Park in Shoreditch & Orange Yard in Soho, I was able to share my unreleased tracks & build my confidence on stage.

For me, performing on stage makes me very anxious. Moving while singing is a weakness for sure. Never mind speaking in between tracks! Even though I might not be the smoothest of on-the-spot talkers, I have progressed and I am proud of this. It’s a funny thing when people say, “Wow, you looked so relaxed & confident!”, when they have no clue your blood was boiling in your cheeks & you lost balance a couple times trying to move to the beat while hitting the right notes. But it’s all a process of learning & growing, so it’s okay to make these mistakes.

Now for the news… I am extremely excited to finally release my next single on the 4th February! The single, Alive, is an Afropop/Afrobeat & Rnb track I wrote not too long ago.

James McCarthy wrote the guitar riff along to an Ffrobeat that producer, Ojay Beats had made. There, at Miloco Studio, in Old Kent Road, we began to put together a simple yet sensual song.

The artwork, shot by Jay Sentrosi, was taken alongside the visuals, filmed by Maynard Sabellano. We were lucky to catch the last of the sun back in September for these, which was exactly what was needed for the vibrant track.

It’s been a while since Wrong Love came out & I am happy to finally release again. I hope you enjoy Alive & I promise, there is A LOT more coming your way this year.


Saïna 🤎