Today is the day I’ve been waiting for, for year & I’m so happy to start my music journey.

A little background about this song – incase you were interested – I wrote this song back in 2018 when I went through a relationship that was very toxic (like I’m sure most of us have gone through🙄 haha) but I now look at it as a blessing. A blessing that I experienced the pain to be able to write this song but also a blessing to know how to be treated & how to act in a relationship. I believe everything happens for a reason & there is always a silver lining in any pain or tragedy.

Soo, please, enjoy this song that I’ve poured many hours, days & weeks into making as close to perfect as I could! Feel free to share with friends & family & for anyone going through a toxic relationship themselves, acknowledge that…

it’s okay to be on your own & that it’s the wrong love for you.🦋

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I am super excited to announce my debut single, Wrong Love, is to be released on 5th March, on all streaming platforms!

Empowering Women To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

Tell me about the song?

In an evocative blend of neo-soul, jazz and hip hop, Wrong Love reflects on the tortuous events that lead a young woman to face up to the reality of her toxic relationship and walk away.

When I wrote this song I not only wanted to paint the pain, but I wanted to emphasise the acceptance that it is the ‘wrong’ love. I believe it’s important to have a positive outcome with every negative situation, being the light at the end of the tunnel.

With the help of Ojay Beats, Joesph Oti on the trumpet & Charlie Runham on the bass, I’ve been able to complete the song, despite Covid putting studio sessions at a halt!

Click here for the pre-save link!

Thank you to everyone for being patient! There will be lots more music to come. 🦋

On Saturday night, we all set off to Borough to the Gladstone Arms – a lovely, intimate pub with dim lighting (as you can probably tell from the video!) and a cosy, homely atmosphere. We were warmly greeted by Sam Bowcher, who was the organiser of the gig and Endre Komuves, our sound engineer, who took us upstairs to a small terrace with multicoloured fairy lights pinned to the ceiling, so we could get comfortable while waiting for our turn on the stage.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze fitting all together in the corner/stage area but we managed to fit our 5 piece band in the corner of the main pub area. I was very surprised to have the whole pub pretty much full with a fair amount of people standing by the bar. They all seemed to be locals of the pub rather than friends of the acts.

As there wasn’t a lot of space, we had no drum kit so Bleu (my drummer) used his Ableton push for the first time during the set. Being in such small intimate space, it projected well.

Everyone was very supportive and engaged throughout our set, which was encouraging. We were congratulated at the end with a pint each and complementary food which consisted of delicious homemade snacks.

A big thank you and shout out to the Gladstone Arms, Sam Bowcher and Endre Komuves for a lovely night!

If you weren’t able to make the show, I will be performing at the O2 (Stage 2) in the Islington next month. More information soon.

Global 12 Festival on September 1st made for such a big highlight in my run of gigs so far. Arriving at Cargo venue in the trendy streets of Shoreditch, my band and I waited for a while before having an interview with a woman who works with Shodement, a PR and management company based in London.

The venue was designed toevoke a carnival vibe with colourful bunting hung around in the back garden area, burger’s or hotdogs available and afro-beat tunes blaring out of the speakers.

We’d arrived at around 12PM for a soundcheck, but for some reason that slot had disappeared. We were told they’d be using the first band as a kind of demo to fix the levels. I found this a bit unprofessional, if I’m honest, especially given that we’d arrived on time and 4 hours before our set was due precisely for that purpose.

As we watched the acts that came before us, we began to think our sound might not go down so well with the audience – they were more electronic/dance, whereas ours is more acoustic soul/RnB.

Half an hour before we walked on stage (at 16:45) I was looking at a pretty small crowd, but by now the venue had filled up quite quickly and soon we had a warm crowd of people.

The set went really well and at the end the crowd were chanting, “One more… One more!” which was pretty cool. Sadly, I’d been told there was no time for us to do an encore, but it was so encouraging to get this warm response after we’d performed our 6 songs:

Cold Turkey, Wrong Love, Rave, Redbone – Childish Gambino, Stronger than me – Amy Winehouse and Location – Khalid.

This gig has further motivated me to continue doing more gigs and I’m so excited to announce that I have 6 gigs coming up over the coming weeks. If you’re still reading, please keep coming back to my gigs page with news and updates as we plough through the autumn months.

Finally, a big Thanks from me and my band to Shodement Management and the people at Cargo for giving us a slot at G12! We really enjoyed!