SAINA & band at the Gladstone Arms

On Saturday night, we all set off to Borough to the Gladstone Arms – a lovely, intimate pub with dim lighting (as you can probably tell from the video!) and a cosy, homely atmosphere. We were warmly greeted by Sam Bowcher, who was the organiser of the gig and Endre Komuves, our sound engineer, who took us upstairs to a small terrace with multicoloured fairy lights pinned to the ceiling, so we could get comfortable while waiting for our turn on the stage.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze fitting all together in the corner/stage area but we managed to fit our 5 piece band in the corner of the main pub area. I was very surprised to have the whole pub pretty much full with a fair amount of people standing by the bar. They all seemed to be locals of the pub rather than friends of the acts.

As there wasn’t a lot of space, we had no drum kit so Bleu (my drummer) used his Ableton push for the first time during the set. Being in such small intimate space, it projected well.

Everyone was very supportive and engaged throughout our set, which was encouraging. We were congratulated at the end with a pint each and complementary food which consisted of delicious homemade snacks.

A big thank you and shout out to the Gladstone Arms, Sam Bowcher and Endre Komuves for a lovely night!

If you weren’t able to make the show, I will be performing at the O2 (Stage 2) in the Islington next month. More information soon.