I’m so over the moon to announce my single, Alive, is out now! It has been a long time since releasing Wrong Love, perhaps too long but finally the next one is out in the world.

As mentioned in my previous post, Alive was produced by Ojay Beats, guitar riff played by James McCarthy and bass played by Charlie Runham. We started creating this summer-y and vibrant track back in July and the song was written within the same month. This song just pieced together perfectly. With the help of songwriter, Syon, we wrote and recorded in the backing vocals. 

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but hey again!

It’s been a crazy but productive year since I released Wrong Love back in March 2021. I thought I’d do a summary post on my timeline & achievements – because why not.

July 2021 was the month I got back on stage after a long time of the wonderful lockdowns & isolations. It was also the first time I’d gigged just with backing track. Performing at the Tea Building in Shoreditch twice, Lost In Brixton 3 times, Box Park in Shoreditch & Orange Yard in Soho, I was able to share my unreleased tracks & build my confidence on stage.

For me, performing on stage makes me very anxious. Moving while singing is a weakness for sure. Never mind speaking in between tracks! Even though I might not be the smoothest of on-the-spot talkers, I have progressed and I am proud of this. It’s a funny thing when people say, “Wow, you looked so relaxed & confident!”, when they have no clue your blood was boiling in your cheeks & you lost balance a couple times trying to move to the beat while hitting the right notes. But it’s all a process of learning & growing, so it’s okay to make these mistakes.

Now for the news… I am extremely excited to finally release my next single on the 4th February! The single, Alive, is an Afropop/Afrobeat & Rnb track I wrote not too long ago.

James McCarthy wrote the guitar riff along to an Ffrobeat that producer, Ojay Beats had made. There, at Miloco Studio, in Old Kent Road, we began to put together a simple yet sensual song.

The artwork, shot by Jay Sentrosi, was taken alongside the visuals, filmed by Maynard Sabellano. We were lucky to catch the last of the sun back in September for these, which was exactly what was needed for the vibrant track.

It’s been a while since Wrong Love came out & I am happy to finally release again. I hope you enjoy Alive & I promise, there is A LOT more coming your way this year.


Saïna 🤎

Long time no post! 😇

Last week, Treble posted my video for their artist spotlight. Here’s the video is below 👇🏼

I’m very excited to perform this live with the band again. Anyone else looking forwards to it? I will keep any gigs updated on here!

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I have officially launched Lost In The Mix, the podcast!

Episode 1: Luke Rapator

Every week, I will be releasing an episode where I talk to anyone in the music industry about what they’re doing to progress their careers with any tips & tricks you can pick up along the way.

I’ve listened to a good few music podcasts myself & I have learnt a lot of things but I really wanted to hear a podcast where music makers or music business people who were in their early stages of their career talked about what they were up to. Some people might say, who cares? They haven’t made it yet? But in my eyes, secrets might be shared that wouldn’t have been if they were a Grammy award-winning Artist right?

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💓 4 weeks in to my release & 23k + streams so I had to give you guys something else! 💓

My Side-B Single “Two Sides of the Moon” is available to listen and it’s a secret hehe. If you missed the sign up form on my Home page, you can put your details in below & I will send you a private link to my song.

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As usual, here I like to talk about my song topics.

So what’s this song about?

I made this song when I was seeing a lot of two-sided behaviour from the people I was hanging around. It was really tiresome to watch happen between people & be a witness of ‘sheep’-like people who feel the need to follow the crowd.

When I came round to writing this song, I thought what better imagery than a moon that is dark one side & light the other. It’s the image of an all round beautiful thing but there’s a dark side we don’t see. Maybe unpredictable or untrustworthy.

My chorus sums up my worry but realisation that I shouldn’t be sad because I know I’ll be true & that’s all that really matters.

It’s funny because the topic could be perceived as a sad theme but with every song I write, I always like to show the light in the dark. Staying true to yourself will always come first & the rest will fall behind with it if you are.

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A BIG thank you to my talented sister Shiona Penrake for the motion graphics!🌟 (View her work here!)

A little background on the video itself, if you care to read…

My boyfriend & I were driving to Dorset for a little weekend getaway (yes I know, Covid, woopsie🤫) & I knew I wanted to film this lyric video while driving down the motorway, giving a kind of dreamy feel & it started pouring so heavy, even my boyfriend’s windscreen wipers weren’t helping assist us for a safe drive. You know those dramatic rain showers or thunder & lightening, aren’t they kind of fun though?

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Anyway, I unbuckled my seatbelt, not really giving two shits that we were going about 80mph & I crawled to the boot to grab my camera from out of my backpack. A couple minutes into filming, the view through the windscreen was just magical, (I’m sure you can see it from the video!) This glowing sun burst through the clouds, bouncing off the wet roads & cars. The rain kept coming & every now & then, the sun would shine through the clouds with the most amazing orange glow.

In the original audio I was saying out loud “WOWWW” the whole time I was filming.

I was already feeling super excited about my release, but something about those 5 minutes gave me a different feeling. I’m not exactly a spiritual person but it was like the universe was telling me something.

So, I guess we’re yet to see. ・゚✧

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“Wrong Love” Debut Single


Today is the day I’ve been waiting for, for year & I’m so happy to start my music journey.

A little background about this song – incase you were interested – I wrote this song back in 2018 when I went through a relationship that was very toxic (like I’m sure most of us have gone through🙄 haha) but I now look at it as a blessing. A blessing that I experienced the pain to be able to write this song but also a blessing to know how to be treated & how to act in a relationship. I believe everything happens for a reason & there is always a silver lining in any pain or tragedy.

Soo, please, enjoy this song that I’ve poured many hours, days & weeks into making as close to perfect as I could! Feel free to share with friends & family & for anyone going through a toxic relationship themselves, acknowledge that…

it’s okay to be on your own & that it’s the wrong love for you.🦋

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I am super excited to announce my debut single, Wrong Love, is to be released on 5th March, on all streaming platforms!

Empowering Women To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

Tell me about the song?

In an evocative blend of neo-soul, jazz and hip hop, Wrong Love reflects on the tortuous events that lead a young woman to face up to the reality of her toxic relationship and walk away.

When I wrote this song I not only wanted to paint the pain, but I wanted to emphasise the acceptance that it is the ‘wrong’ love. I believe it’s important to have a positive outcome with every negative situation, being the light at the end of the tunnel.

With the help of Ojay Beats, Joesph Oti on the trumpet & Charlie Runham on the bass, I’ve been able to complete the song, despite Covid putting studio sessions at a halt!

Click here for the pre-save link!

Thank you to everyone for being patient! There will be lots more music to come. 🦋